Being the Best….

Kudos, thank you, and high-five to Andre Gilliard for being a great example of the “Best in Class”.

Good afternoon,

I wanted to just send a quick email to let you know that one of our banquet team members was recognized during our “Best in Class” training session today.  Andre was the banquet server that was assigned to deliver the continental breakfast in the room this morning.  The facilitator during the class used Andre as an example during class.  She stated that she arrived early and the meeting room door was looked.  Andre arrived shortly thereafter with the food for the service.  She said Andre greeted her warmly, engaged in conversation and even asked if he could prepare her a cup of coffee while they waited for the door to be opened.  After giving the facilitator the coffee he then went to get some assistance in getting the room unlocked.  The facilitator made it a point to say that Andre’s service is exactly what the “Best in Class” service is all about.

Thank you,

Joiel Alexander