1 Hour Without Lights… EARTH HOUR!

The GWCCA will be participating in our third consecutive Earth Hour, which is from 8:30pm – 9:30pm this Saturday, March 23rd. As done previously, the Dome’s drum wall lights, the lights on International Plaza, and the Hermes Towers in the Park will be turned off.

Many buildings in Atlanta and throughout the world (i.e. Empire State Building, most casinos in Las Vegas, Willis Tower, Rockefeller Center, etc.) participate and we even got local news coverage two years ago (http://mediacenter.tveyes.com/downloadgateway.aspx?UserID=68116&MDID=652770&MDSeed=9532&Type=Media)

SO…. what can you do at home? The obvious of course; show your support by turning off lights and unplugging unnecessary appliances and devices for this one hour!

Check out this site for more info: http://www.earthhour.org/

Go earth!