Final Four All-Stars: CSC

Shout-Out to the CSC All-Stars for playing a role in making the Georgia Dome one of the friendliest place to be Friday, Saturday and Monday night! Best in Class!!!

I’m not sure to whom I should direct this email so I’ve sent to folks in Georgia and at your corporate level.

I just attended the Final Four games held in ATL on Saturday & Monday night. I was blown away by the friendliness, efficiency and well, friendliness of your CSC team. It started when we entered the queues at the Dome entry doors. To the one, and there were bunches, every CSC person we encountered was friendly, patient, kind, and engaging. I was blown away and figured it possibly a fluke. I even thought maybe the ones who manned the doors got ‘special’ training to make a good impression. I was wrong and it wasn’t a fluke. Every single CSC representative we encountered displayed the same traits! Every single one!

They were like that at the beginning of the event , in the middle and at the end as we exited the dome. They were like that on Saturday. They were like that on Monday.

We had to ask the assistance of several on both days due to the health of one of our group. One of us is battling cancer and is weakened by its effects & treatments. We therefore were slow in our navigating the arena and we needed the elevator and directions and just general assistance. Your CSC folks were tremendous at every turn, at every approach. Now I wish I had gotten names so I could let them shine but it wasn’t one outstanding gesture it was an underlying behavior for all of the little things.

I don’t know how you got that many people at an incredibly crowded and rowdy event to be so service oriented but you did and they excelled. Kudos to your GA team!


Catharine Graham