Final Four All-Stars: Jackie, Freddie and Eric….

Team Dome is on the Best in Class Train!


Jackie ENGAGED the customer with a smile in her voice:

Ms. Thomas:

I wanted to compliment Jackie at your Customer Relations desk. It is not often that a phone call is answered on the first ring and such a helpful and friendly voice is found on the other side. A portion of my responsibilities is working with call center operations at our service company. Jackie provides the friendly voice that immediately allows me as a customer to know that I am going to be taken care of.

As well, I compliment the GA Dome for the fact that you have realized that it is so important to the customer ‘s experience to not to be put into voice mail purgatory.


Janek John Pawlik


Freddie EXPLORED the customer’s needs:

You have an employee, Freddie Mendes, who without a doubt, was one of the kindest, most accommodating person I have ever met. I, along with my family were at the Final Four. I am on a cane and Freddie saw to it that I got a wheelchair and he took me into the Dome before the crush of the crowd. When we left, he was right there with the wheelchair. You are so fortunate to have Freddie as an employee. The whole weekend was outstanding due to the fact that it was run so well by all who were involved. Please give this to Freddie’s supervisor.


Eric EXCEEDED the customer’s expectations:

You are so fortunate to have an employee (above) for this gentleman is without a doubt the most accommodating, kind human being that I have been so  fortunate to meet. I am on a cane and he knocked himself out to see to it that I got a wheelchair and got into the Dome for the Final Four very quickly. In fact, all of your staff were so kind and considerate which made the weekend for myself and my family the wonderful time that it was. Thank you so much not only for Eric, but for all your people who are so great.
Barbara Snow