Final Four All-Stars: Sgt. Jackson (Snake Tales)

There were a lot of things that you could not bring into Centennial Olympic Park this past weekend because of the HUGE NCAA Men’s Final Four Big Dance Concert Series.  No camcorders were allowed, book bags, lasers, weapons, etc. So what happens when you look down from the command center and see a guy with a snake… a PYTHON to be exact… coming into the park. Many of us would freeze in shock or yell FROM the command center and tell him to leave. But not Sgt. Antonio Jackson… he removed a barricade and went through a crowd of already unruly fans (who were trying to get into an already filled to capacity park) and found the young man holding the snake. He then claimed it was not his and pointed Sgt. Jackson to the owner who was clearly passing around his python in a very crowded area. Sgt. Jackson then escorted the young man and his python out.

Sharp eyes and fearlessness helped prevent a situation that could  have turned chaotic.

Kudos Sgt. Antonio Jackson