May 20

Employee of the Month: Latonia Jackson

GWCC – Engineering
April 2013

LaTonia is a second time Employee of the Month Winner, having won previously during fiscal year 2012.

LaTonia constantly and consistently goes above and beyond, not only for our external clients, but for our employees as well. She is the first person from the department to volunteer on the numerous committees around campus, inspiring and encouraging others to be engaged. She is the true “Go-To” person within the GWCC Engineering Department! LaTonia is always planning employee recognition activities within the department, making others feel valued for their contribution to the Authority. She also heads up and participates in arranging our Top 10 gifts for our exhibitors – taking care and paying attention to all of the little details. Latonia is a true asset to not only the GWCC Engineering Department, but the Authority as a whole. Thank you LaTonia!