June 24

GWCC Final Four Praises

The GWCC continues to not only meet, but surpass the expectations of clients and partners on a consistent basis. Kudos to those who represent the Authority so well and continue to provide “Best in Class” Service, you are appreciated!

Frank, Kevin, Jim and Chief Shannon,

I wanted to reach out to all of you and once again thank you for a wonderful experience at the Final Four this past April.  This note is long overdue but I really wanted to recognize some of your staff.  The 2013 Bracket Town Fan Fest was an extremely successful event and in large part was due to all the hard working folks at the GWCC.

Although everyone at the GWCC was great I want to single out Eric.  Eric was an incredible event manager from start to finish.  I can not think of a time over the 13 days on-site that he was not there when I was there.  Always present and always ready to help or solve a problem.  My job was made so much easier because of Eric and his dedication to our event.  Stephanie was invaluable as well in so much of our planning and prep work.  And on-site she really stepped up to help with our last minute requests including the activation on the lawn outside the GWCC.

I also want to recognize Micshon for her tireless effort and extremely hands on staff.  I have never experienced a convention center security staff more willing to get involved and remain hands on throughout the event.  Much of that was due to Micshon and her willingness to get directly involved in our event.

I was want to recognize the excellent work of Levy and Thad Parton.  Thad was so easy to work with and was constantly accommodating our requests.  Dupree was a great staffing partner and Mark Moss was extremely hands on to make sure we got what we needed.  Event Medical were the con-cement professionals and Lacy put together a great crew for our event.

I so look forward to being back in Atlanta and at the GWCC for a Final Four again!  I hope all of you are well and please let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you.

All the best,

Chad Ladov