Carl Adkins featured in IAVM Article

Congrats and a thank you to Carl Adkins for representing the GWCCA so well! Carl was featured in an  International Association of Venue Managers Inc., article located on their blog, Front Row News, Please check out the article below and follow the link to continue reading!

For NFL Fans, When is Enough, Enough?

by R. V. Baugus

Adkins-Carl-150x150As general manager of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Carl Adkins understands that everything else takes a back seat to safety and security at public assembly venues of any kind. If he did not believe that way then chances are good he would be working in another profession.

Over the years, I have found Carl to be one of the most interesting IAVM members to talk to because of his refreshing candor that is not meant so much to debate or challenge as simply to ask, “What if?”

There is nothing wrong with questioning and in fact by asking questions the lines of dialogue and communication expand and better and better measures and outcomes are often the positive end results.

In addressing the NFL’s new bag policy, Adkins foremost dwelled on his role as a venue leader while at the same time posing some intriguing “What if” questions shared by many on message boards concerning the policy….

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