July 08

Teacher’s Pet- Robin Hughes, Kim Chapple, CSC and Patrick Skaggs rocked NEA!

The National Education Association, who was in town last week, was extremely happy with their event at GWCC and Atlanta. Bill Thompson, Executive Director for NEA, said  this was the best show ever!   

They made several comments about our friendly staff and how fast any issues that came up was resolved.  They could not say enough great things about Robin Hughes– naming her “the BEST event coordinator NEA has ever had”! They also had complimentary things to say about food services and how wonderful it  was to work with a professional like Kim Chapple.  Even AGM Patrick Skaggs got an “at-a-boy”  for all his help with the protesters,  shuttles, Internet and COP invites!  CSC was thanked for having all those friendly staff working this event with great “Southern Hospitality”. The “BEST in Class” objective is alive and well!