July 29

GWCCA Employee/Partners Classified Ads

Looking to sell or giveaway that personal item you have been holding on to? Got junk taking up space in your closet? Now you can get rid of it by posting a GWCCCA/Partners Classified Ad. Ads are posted on a board near the Getaway Café, across from the Employee Lounge entrance.

Ads are posted on a first come – first serve basis at weekly intervals. The board has limited space, so submissions may not be immediately posted depending  on volume of requests, but will be held until space is available. Removed postings are discarded. Only one ad posted per person at any given time, but multiple items can be listed on one form.

Simply complete a form – blank copies are located next to the board and placed in the adjacent drop box, or go to blank forms on GWCCA.net and forward a completed form to GWCCA Human Resources. We are working towards an online solution, similar to Bright Ideas. In the interim, items posted weekly will be scanned and are accessible to view by a link on the GWCCA.net home page.