August 07

A Word of Thanks from a Happy Guest

Kudos to our Public Safety Department!!

Sgt. Jackson,

Last week my best friend and I had the pleasure of visiting your beautiful city. I stopped to thank you at Centennial Park and asked where I could send a letter of appreciation and you gave me your business card and I truly appreciate that.

I have traveled through and around Atlanta for many years and always thought it was a beautiful city, especially at night. When the opportunity arose to come and stay for a few days I grabbed it with both hands. I am ever so glad I did. The people, no matter where you went, were ALWAYS courteous, genuinely friendly, and a pleasure to be around. On top of that I felt very safe and protected walking around both during the day and at night. I am a country girl that loves to travel so I have been in my fair share of large metropolitan cities and yours is by far the best I have ever been too!!! There was a noticeable police presence which ensured everyone’s safety but not so noticeable as to make people feel uncomfortable.

I truly felt welcome in Atlanta and if I ever have to move to a city then I will definitely be picking your beautiful locale.

Thank you again for your service to the people and for you and your comrades making me feel safe in Atlanta!!

Michelle Arnold