August 26

Green Team Field Trip to Southern Green Industries

green1A few members of the campus Green Team took a field trip down I-20 to the facilities of our compost hauler, Southern Green Industries. SGI collects our food waste as well as Emory’s, Agnes Scott College, and the World of Coca-Cola, and holds it at their facility until they have enough material to drive the 90 miles to the state’s only composting facility in Toccoa, Georgia.

By diverting our food waste from the landfill, we are providing valuable nutrients to the land and are reducing the potent greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere. SGI also cleans grease traps in an environmentally-friendly way by separating the grease, which is recycled into biodiesel (an alternative to petroleum), from the food waste, which is composted. They also recycle fryer oil into biodiesel at their facility, which in turn is used to power all their trucks and even the owner’s car!

Pretty cool stuff!!!