September 04

Awesome Story from #TeamDome

This may be a little wordy but it’s worth the read! This happy letter from a raving fan shows why engaging, exploring, and exceeding is so important in our industry…. It can save a LIFE!!! Read below:

I just wanted to share with executive management a recent experience my husband and I had with an exemplary employee, Bob Thomas. My husband and I entered the stadium this past Saturday, August 31st, around 3:30 p.m. after being outside in the 95 degree heat for at least a couple of hours. I stepped to the side to take a call regarding our children right as we entered the Dome. When I completed my call about five minutes later, I saw my husband sitting on a bench with a Georgia Dome employee, Bob Thomas, standing over my husband talking on a radio or cell phone about my husband, Bob English. I approached them, my husband was not happy with Mr. Thomas, saying he was “fine” and wanted to get to the game (we had great box seats in Section A, my husband is an Alabama alumni and a dedicated “Bama” fan). Mr. Thomas mentioned to my husband, Bob, over and over again that he did not look right and he just wanted him to get checked out in First Aid. He was right…my husband looked pale and clammy…he didn’t look right at all! My husband, being completely against doing anything other than getting to his seat, was extremely defiant the entire time. I agreed with Mr. Thomas and began sternly coercing my husband. As we finally entered First Aid, the medic, named Ashley, hooked my husband up to the heart monitor and found that my husband’s heart rate was jumping all over the place, from 176 to 70, from one second to the next. Ashley suggested we go to the ER immediately. My husband again saying he’s fine and just wants to go to the game (ugh!). After Ashley finally said, “Mr. English, if you’re blood pressure drops you will be in Cardiac Arrest.”, that persuaded my husband into agreeing to go to the ER. We spent the night at Emory Midtown in the ER and finally got his heart rate to normal after many variations of meds. We also discovered that my husband has atrial fibrillation…my husband had just seen the cardiologist last Wednesday and supposedly had a “healthy heart”. Thanks to Mr. Thomas (and Ashley – we did not get her last name), my husband’s life was saved. Had he not gone to the ER, he could’ve suffered from cardiac arrest or a stroke (from a blood clot caused by the atrial fibrillation). I am very thankful for the diligence and professionalism Mr. Thomas and Ashley displayed in getting my husband to first aid. I am hopeful this message gets to both of them. Thank you so much, Bob Thomas and Ashley for saving my husband’s life!