September 19

A Round of Applause from GlassBuild America

A  round of applause is in order for our GWCC Sales and Event Services teams! Check out the note from a happy client below:


To: Cano, Joe
Cc: Schatzer, Stephanie; Ridgway, Jim; Zimmerman, Mark; IndustryEventsStaff
Subject: What a Surprise!

Well I can tell you that the GWCC just supplied us with lunch J my goodness these are spectacular and we truly appreciate your gift!!!   How did you know we love sweets!!  Joe thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and most of all the flowers were absolutely gorgeous!!!!  I have never seen such a beautiful presentation of flowers all wrapped up in ribbon around the stems.


Again, Joe, Jim and Stephanie thank you so much for all the surprises and you best know that we are ALL enjoying everything!!!!


Mark,  and if you didn’t know, now you do that your gang just spoiled us tremendously!

My Best Regards,



Denise Sheehan

Vice President, Industry Events

National Glass Association

GlassBuild America