September 26

Best in Class: Internal Customer Service

With FY14 training in full swing, we continue to learn about Best in Class Service. The very first topic scheduled on the calendar for all to attend focuses on the Internal Customer. During Module 4, we learn that the Internal Customer service experience is just as important as the External Customer experience. How we respond to each other behind the scenes impacts our ability to meet all customer needs. If you have yet to attend the training, get there soon to fully understand what it means to be timely, providing quality and accuracy so that other team members can fulfill their commitments to a customer. Below is a message from a recent new hire employee of the Authority, sharing an example of a Best in Class Internal Customer experience.


From: Johnson, Otto

Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013

To: Demetrius, Lawanna


Thank you so much Lawanna.


It was awesome meeting you and everyone else at HR. If you could please share with everyone a big THANK YOU for all their help, I would really appreciate it. This orientation and the process you guys have in place is by far the best I have ever been a part of, and has really made the transition of being a new employee very smooth and stress free. Thanks again and see you soon!


Take Care,


Otto E. Johnson

Project Manager II

Georgia World Congress Center