November 11

Kudos to the GWCC Team for Exceeding Expectations!

Kudus to the GWCC Team for their Best in Class service this past week while helping a visitor in need. Please read below, this is what it’s all about GWCCA: Engaging, Exploring, and Exceeding!

My name is Lorraine Gross, professionally , Dr Lorraine Nardi, and I was attending the ASN meeting starting Nov 5th when I left my handbag on a table by registration and found it missing when I returned about 20 mins later. I was contacted the next afternoon by a well meaning physician who had picked it up and returned it to me that evening, but that first evening I was in a panic and was attended by Sgt. Eon Jackman and a young female officer whose name I didn’t get. They looked everywhere and told me what to do the next day to get the police report so could show this at the airport without any ID to get on my flight to NY on Sat. The next day, before I heard that my bag was safe, Ceil (did not get her last name) and Stephanie Schatzer were wonderful to me. Stephanie gave me her phone number and said that she would rush the police report so I could have it before my flight. Then, I got the email about my bag and the MD said he would meet me at the conference center that evening to return the bag.


That evening, Sgt Jackman and ?Sgt W Sword stayed with me while I met my mystery MD because I was still somewhat worried about the situation. All went well, and I cannot commend your people enough for their speedy and sympathetic response to someone who was frightened and in need.


Again, much thanks to you and your people.