November 13

Welcome the new Part-time Team Members of the GWCCA!

New GWCCA Part-time Team Members

Kimberly Jacobs, GWCC Building Services

Kevon Palmer, GWCC Building Services

Troy Williams, Dome Executive Services

Michael Toomer, Dome Executive Services 

John Ogletree, Dome Security 

Syntorious Ross, Dome Security 

Lisa Scurry, Human Resources

Camille Smith, Dome Executive Services 

Zachary Cox, Dome Executive Services  

Delores Glover, Dome Event Services  

Donald Shepard, Dome Event Services  

D’Mario Franklin, Dome Event Services 

Gwen Davis, Dome Event Services 

Daniel Primous, Dome Event Services 

Keith Joseph, Dome Event Services  

Beverly Bullock, Dome Event Services 

Tia Williams, Dome Event Services  

Robert Comer, Dome Event Services 

Deborah Williams, Dome Event Services 

Jared Long, Dome Event Services   

Nima Madani, Dome Event Services 

Earl Turner, GWCC Building Services 

Armondo Duenas    , GWCC Building Services

Aaliyah “Anthony” Calloway, GWCC Building Services  

DeVon Lindsey, GWCC Building Services   

Sherry Grover, GWCC Building Services

Terrell Hodge, GWCC Building Services

Tierra Jones, GWCC Sales and Marketing

Juane Milner, COP Operations

Tiffany Gordon, DOME Event Services

Jonathan Jacobs, DOME Event Services

Amanda Sanford, DOME Event Services

Labrescia Ramey, DOME Building Services

CaJava Sims, DOME Building Services

Quentavious Knight, DOME Building Services

Renika Riley, DOME Building Services

Ironnesha Mobuary, DOME Building Services

Donna Kalu, DOME Building Services