November 25

Personal Leave Elections for 2014

Team Works 2014 Personal Leave Election

Personal leave election is a yearly process where eligible employees will be able to convert sick leave hours to personal leave. Employees as of November 30th with an excess of 120 sick leave hours can convert up to 24 hours to personal leave hours.  This will be based on an employee’s balance of their sick leave after the posting of leave accruals and forfeitures for the pay period ending 11/30 of this year.

When is the Personal Leave Election Window?

The employee selection process will begin on December 8th and run through December 31, 2013.  Any previous unused personal leave hours will be cleared from all employees balance the night of December 31st.  Personal Leave selections become available for employees via Employee Self Service January 8, 2014.

When Personal Leave be Available?

Personal Leave Elections will begin effective 12/8/2013.  Personal Leave Elections end December 31, 2013.