November 26

Chef Charles Creates a Special Moment for a Future Chef

As we go into the Thanksgiving Holiday, we’d like to share a beautiful story with you…..

Daniel Bradmon is an 11 year-old boy with a rare form of cancer who has been hospitalized most of his life.  Being attached to different devices and needles while in the hospital, one could only imagine how painful and frustrating this could be for this young man. But Daniel found an outlet to take his mind off of all the pain and probing by doctors, he watched Food Network and fell in love with culinary arts. Daniel has  since collected over 3000 recipes alone just by watching these shows.

A year ago, Georgia Dome and GWCC Executive Chef Charles Walker was informed by one of his chefs of Daniel’s story and reached out to him:

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Eventually Chef Charles would meet this young man, visiting him at a hospital in Pittsburgh bearing gifts; The Chef brought Daniel a Georgia Dome Chef Coat and hat. During his visit Daniel left his hospital room for the first time in 6 months, put on his chefs’ coat and walked down the hallway of the hospital to look out of the window with Chef Charles by his side. Before leaving Daniel that day, Chef Charles made a point to insist that Daniel visit him and the other chefs at the Georgia Dome someday.

Since that visit, it was reported to Chef Charles that Daniel’s immune system was gaining strength and fighting back. Daniel was soon cleared for travel and of course he made his way to the Georgia Dome to visit his friend Chef Charles! Daniel was wowed, he made pizza and macaroni and cheese for the Chefs (two of his favorite foods) and took a tour of the Georgia Dome. His picture was on the jumbotron in the Dome, and he received a personalized name tag plus more!

Daniel is such an incredible and strong young man, it is an honor to share this story with you all. Thank you Chef Charles for making this possible and for everyone at Levy Restaurants and the Georgia Dome for playing a part in this special moment for Daniel.

See below for  a note from Chef Charles and pictures from Daniel’s visit to the Georgia Dome: