January 14

Kudos: Encouraging Responsible Alcohol Drinking During MonsterJam

A Note from Carl Adkins:


In our business, where we have 60,000 + of our closest friends over for a good time, the sheer numbers/ odds dictate that there will be a small number of less than positive experiences.  We generally hear about those experiences pretty quickly following the event and immediately go to work to address, resolve and drill into the root issue of how and why the experience happened the way it did in hopes of being able to put strategies/ procedures in place to prevent from happening again.  Test, feedback and refine.

See below for the opposite of the bad experience.  It’s always gratifying to receive these types of comments following an event, especially when the subject matter is one that is critically important and our number one priority – safety.

This is proof that the training, messaging and consistent efforts to ensure our team is properly equipped to handle difficult situations are worth their while and then some.


At the BudLite beer cart my son was refused service which was a good thing.  You see, I thought he had plenty to drink but others could not tell.  I want to thank the young man at the beer cart in front of the stand where I bought my burger at Bolt Burger around L49 for refusing to serve him alcohol (he could tell he didn’t need any more).  Not only did he not serve him, he offered him a free bottle of water and peanuts.  I went over to thank him later and what a fine man he was.  His name was David Jennings.  Please let him know what a very fine job he is doing.


Elisabeth Walton