January 23

Town Hall Best in Class Card Winners

Immediately following the Town Hall on January 22, 2014, the follow twelve E-Cards/Best-in-Class Cards were drawn at random. If your name is listed and you were not present to receive your gift, please stop by GWCCA Human Resources to claim your prize.


1) Andrews, Y’kesha – (Public Safety) – “although off duty, you were eager to help a customer locate their vehicle in the Red Deck”

2) Duncan, Harry – (GWCC Engineering) – “doing a great job during the install for the NACS expo”

3) Dunlap, Aki – (GWCC Engineering) – “thank you for a job well done during the extended hours of NACS”

4) Grant, Kiyona – (GWCC Building Services) – “your willingness and dedication to come to work at the last minute to meet the needs of a last minute client request”

5) Johnson, Daniel – (GWCC Engineering) – “helping with repainting the graphics in the corridor outside the Getaway Café”

6) Lowe, Michael – (GWCC Sales) – RE: Ungerboeck “Your style of teaching makes it easy for me to answer questions for others”

7) Martin, Allelujah – (Public Safety) – “thank you for your dedication and determination during the install for NACS Expo”

8) Meadows, Kathy – (GWCC Building Services) – “for being a hard worker, hoping you will become full-time”

9) Patton, Ruth – (GWCC Building Services) – “often I come by when no one else is around and you are so detailed and meticulous with cleaning”

10) Pierce, Paul – (Public Safety) – “your teamwork was exceptional as you engaged and explored the needs of contractors for NACS”

11) Ramey, Antrina – (GWCC Building Services) – “helping customers and team members quickly and in a professional manner”

12) Soltani, Sohrab – (Garden Design Group/GWCCA Partner) – “I really appreciate how involved and supportive you are of our internal events”