February 10

A Greener Game

You watched the Super Bowl and weren’t impressed with the game. But do you know about all of the impressive efforts that were made to make it the greenest Super Bowl yet?! Like the Georgia Dome and the Atlanta Falcons, the MetLife Stadium, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks are all members of the Green Sports  \Alliance, a non-profit organization that helps sports teams, venues, and leagues improve their sustainability efforts.


From e-waste collection drives to large-scale public transit plans to move fans to and from the game to the collection and donation of uneaten, untouched food, the NFL and Super Bowl organizers have shown a commitment to lessening the impact of the jewel event and promoting environmental stewardship. Learn more here: http://greensportsalliance.org/home-of-super-bowl-xlviii-sets-eyes-on-green-fans-can-too/

Last week, the Georgia Dome hosted the Green Sports Alliance’s regional Transportation Workshop to discuss alternative methods of getting fans to sporting events. Adam Straight, Director of Facilities at the Georgia Dome, and Tim Trefzer, GWCCA’s Sustainability Coordinator, were joined by the Atlanta Falcons’ Greg Beadles on a panel discussing the different strategies that are already employed at the Georgia Dome. Although you may think energy or waste from sporting events causes the largest carbon footprint, fan and team travel actually have the largest environmental impact. Check out some of the other “green” efforts that have taken place at the Dome: http://www.gadome.com/about/Green.aspx