May 22

Bethune Principal Jami Pettway Expresses Appreciation for GWCCA

Bethune Elementary Principal Jami Pettway wrote this note to the GWCCA:



Since last Wednesday (May 14th) I have attempted to write to a note of thanks to you for helping once again put a very special sparkle in each of our students’ eyes.  However, I have experienced challenges finding just the appropriate words to not only express my gratitude, but also share the profound difference you all have made in my professional journey and pursuit of academic excellence over the past two years.  For it is with a very light heart that I mark a note in time of the positive outcomes we produced together.  Yet, my heart is saddened that this is the last time I will collectively share these same triumphs with you.

 Please allow me to highlight some of the work we accomplished together just in case you missed some of our Best of Bethune newsletter editions.  Together we:

  *   Provided hygiene care packages to over 550 students

  *   Increased student programs from 2 to 11, inclusive of :

     *   Safety Patrol

     *   The Good News Club (Christian-based after school program)

     *   Student Government Association

     *   M.A.L.E. – Male mentoring program

     *   Peer tutoring – 5th graders tutoring Kindergartners

     *   Chess Club

     *   Dancing Diamonds – Eagle dance team

     *   STEM club

     *   Reading Club – 1st-time participants in Helen Ruffin Reading Ready Bowl

  *   Field Day at the Dome

  *   Increased 5th grade writing scores from 47% pass rate to 71% pass rate

  *   Increased the number of students who exceed on the CRCT


 Although there are not any words quite eloquent enough to effectively communicate the depth of my appreciation for all that you do for the Bethune Eagles, thank you!  YOU are the dream makers and the visionaries.  Simply stated, you are the BEST!

Warm wishes to each and every one of you.


Jami Pettway
Bethune Elementary School
Believe. Become. Bethune!

Thank you to all Authority team members who have helped make a difference in the lives of the children at Bethune Elementary. You are truly Best In Class.

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