June 12

Pole Sport Organization Commends GWCC Team


PSO co-founder Amy Guion praised the GWCC team for their hard work this past weekend in an email to GWCC Director of Event Services Jim Ridgway:


Dear Jim, 

We just had an event last weekend at the GWCC and would like to recognize Phill Lana for his great work at our show. Phill was friendly and respectful towards our staff, competitors, and volunteers, and was readily available during both of our very long event days. He went out of his way to be helpful and answer our questions during the planning process as well.

Kat Pomey was also a great sales manager, who answered all of our detailed questions, was timely in her responses, and even took the time to come by our show and say hello during our setup.

We tour about 8 cities per year with this production, and the team in Atlanta really stood out to us with their stellar communication, availability, and great attitudes.

Thanks for having us and we look forward to seeing you next year!



Amy Guion

Co-founder, PSO


Thank you Phill and Kat  for making PSO’s event a huge success!