June 13

Atlanta Visitors Receive Best In Class Treatment

This week, GWCC’s Jerome Clark witnessed a Best In Class action that motivated him to write this letter below: 


On Monday morning three young adults mingled just outside the front door across from the GWCC Administration department. They were filming, as if doing a documentary.

LeadershipWhen they finished, they sat down and talked while dissembling their equipment. 

GWCC General Manager Mark Zimmerman noticed the group and went outside to talk to them. Engage! 

 As it turned out, Heather Stevens, Taylor Snodgrass and Maria Martin are all college students. They are on a road trip visiting different churches around the country. Explore!

Mark welcomed them inside and treated them to lunch from Levy. Exceed!

Needless to say, Heather, Taylor and Maria were extremely appreciative of this gesture. Any college student traz best in classveling during the summer on limited funds would be.  

 Mark did not do this for show. He had no idea whatsoever this would be written. In fact, he probably wishes it was not printed. But this action by him, as small and routine as it may have been, has certainly inspired me to do more and become more!


Thank you Mark!


 – Jerome Clark, GWCC Administration  


Thank you Jerome and Mark! You are both Best in Class!