July 02

Darryl Bogues Commended for his Dome Tours

International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses leaders recently got an inside look at the Georgia Dome. They were inspired to write this email to thank their tour guide, Darryl Bogues:


Ms. Thomas,

Twice now I have had the opportunity to tour the GA Dome in anticipation of the upcoming July 4 – 6 International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses and both times the small group with me felt privileged to have Darryl Bogues as our tour guide.  Infact, I requested Darryl for the second tour.  He patiently listened to our questions and gave answers which will definitely make our navagating the Dome during our convention much easier than had we not taken those tours.  Darryl has such a respectful and fun personality that all of us, the first group in March and another group just two or so weeks ago, wanted to let Darryl’s boss know what a great job he did.  We wanted to tip him but he would not accept one. Our group decided that sending this email and letting you know how much we enjoyed and appreciated having Darryl as our tour guide was the least we could do. 


Mittie, Angela, Valencia, Maria, Chunta, Jaylon, and Angelique


Thank you Darryl, for being such a positive representative of our campus.