July 07

Recent Bright Ideas


Daniel St. Clair, DOME Engineering

“Offer sign language (at least key phrases appropriate to our environment) to campus employees.”


Jason Kirksey, DOME Communications

“Place images from Dave Martin, the longtime AP photographer who passed away at the chick-fil-a bowl this past year, and have them framed and mounted in the new media suites as our subtle tribute to Dave.”


Erica Marshall, GWCC Sales

“While re-carpeting C building in the upcoming months, also purchase carpet for C111-C114 and offer complimentary or for a small installation fee for small shows.”


Pamela Osborne, GWCC Public Safety

“Paint the pavement with arrows (possibly the ones that reflect at night) directing vehicles the proper way of entering and exiting the facility.”


Timmi Benton, GWCC Public Safety

“Post speed limit signs on every level of the red deck and gold deck.”


Shanicka McClendon, DOME Executive Services

“Create a calorie chart for all foot items to be displayed in the cafeteria (similar to fast food restaurants have an available).”


DeSean Collins, DOME Guest Services

“Print smoking regulations on entrance tickets.”


Kathy Meadows, GWCC Building Services

“Place separate trash cans throughout the campus for unused beverage and drink containers to be placed in.”


Lindsey Elledge, GWCC Event Services

“Create a position that focuses on market segment for receptions, celebrations, holiday parties and proms.”


Keith Zachery, COP Operations

“Sell commemorative bricks to off-set the cost of rehabbing the reflecting pond.”


Tabatha Martin, GWCC Administration

“Place a sign near the U-turn area that says ‘Turn here to return to Marietta Street. Continue around to access Red Deck parking.’”

Thank you for striving to make our campus a better place!