August 22

Sahar Naseem- Best in Class!

A big thank you goes to Sahar Naseem, guest services specialist at the GWCC. Thank you Sahar for being a great example of what Best in Class is! Check out the note below from a happy visitor. sahar


Good Morning,

This email is a long time coming.  It is my regret that it took this long to acknowledge one of your team members who went ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty!  On June 10th I was in Atlanta representing SkillPath and was looking for the convention center where the seminar was being held.  My partner and I went on a wild goose chase through the streets of downtown Atlanta looking for the location, as our itinerary had conflicting information.

We went into your location and Sahar was kind enough to inform us that we should be looking for Atlanta Convention Center at Americas Mart.  At the time that we met Sahar, we were an hour late to arriving at our location for set up.  Needless to say, my partner and I were both “stressing to the max”.  Sahar put us at ease and gave us directions to get to the location we were seeking.

Please take a moment to acknowledge Sahar in front of her team members.  She truly went above and  beyond the call of duty.  I feel terrible that I did not send this message sooner.  As a single working mother, I find life takes over.  Since Sahar’s gesture, I have spent countless days in my seminars talking about her and the morning where my stress level went out the roof! I sincerely appreciated her willingness to assist us and her calm demeanor.

Thank you for your time,

Kelly Murphy

Learning Consultant