September 09

Best in Class: Courtni Antoine

Kudos to Courtni Antoine for BEST IN CLASS customer service!!!


Georgia World Congress Center Parking Department,


Hello! I’m a repeat customer to the Georgia World Congress Center. My family comes down often to tail gate and attend various concerts. We frequent the Blue Lot and always have a blast. Yes, we have fun doing what we do, but we’re always greeted by this smiling young lady that now has a booth. She is such a sweet, nice and helpful person. She’s always smiling which is very good to see. I mean each and every time we see her she’s smiling. She goes above and beyond her position when it comes to her customers that park with her. We’re always giving her hugs when we see her because she never accepts our tips. Instead of taking the money she tells us to send an email.  We even tried to offer her money to park in the blue lot when it was pass only. She refused the money and apologized repeatedly for having to send us elsewhere to park. We still love her and know that she has a job to do. We think she deserves them and we try hard to give them to her, but she always tells us to do something special for ourselves. We call her: Ms. Blue Lot! We’ve witnessed her get cursed at, yelled at and told off, but she doesn’t forget to smile through it all. Always respectful to all that enter the blue lot, even if they don’t deserve the respect. We look forward to seeing her smiling face when we come for our visits. She’s a gem, one of a kind and she has spectacular customer service skills. I’m sure you get plenty of letters complaining about your cashiers, but this is a praise letter for Ms. Blue Lot. Ms. Blue Lot we hope that this letter is read by all the important people and that they know how lucky they are to have a young lady like you working for them. You work hard and hopefully this letter will bring rewards. See you soon!


The Tahoe Family

James & Cynthia Baker