September 26

Best in Class: Michael Hughey

Another great example of Best in Class Service! Check out the letter below:


Good morning Frank & Mark!  I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the help of a terrific new GWCC staffer  – Mike Hughley (hope I have his last name spelled correctly) – who works at your new parking facility on Marietta.  This morning, I inadvertently left my car lights on during ACVB’s Board meeting at the College Football Hall of Fame.  The car I drive is the 1993 Toyota that I inherited from Bill Miller in 2000 when he joined the team at the GWCC Authority!   Fortunately, it continues to get me around Atlanta – until I do something silly like this.


Mike came to my immediate rescue!   He brought your service truck, jumper cables and cranked up the battery in this 21-year-old car  in no time.  He was so thoughtful and delightful that I just had to let you know; he told me he’s only been on the job for three (3) months – so congratulations to you!


PS.  I LOVE your new parking garage that replaced “my” Green Lot!

Hope all is well…and have a great week!


Jo Ann

Director, Consumer Markets

Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau