December 04

Recent GWCCA Bright Idea Winners

BjoshjonJoshua Jones, DOME Engineering

“Before the Georgia Dome closes I think it would be a great idea for a documentary to be made of the history and success of dome events.”




BForreForrest Tennant, DOME Guest Services

“Establish an on-site Falcons/DOME gift shop/portable stand near Gate E and have the Guest Service Specialist sell the merchandise with profits going to the Dome and/or Falcons.”




BcrythoCrystal Thomas, DOME Building Services

“Recognize part time employees for their tenure and award them for working 10 years or more.”





jclarkJerome Clark, GWCC Administration

“Add the American Express Card as a payment for Advance Parking purchases.”





BsamyouSamuel Young, GWCC Building Services

“Put a wind guard at the bottom of the outside doors to save energy and money.”