December 12

Appreciation from NVSBE Attendee

See below!


From: Broom, Vonda

Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2014 6:54 PM

To: Ivey, Curtis; Poe, Frank

Subject: Appreciation

I am attending the NVSBE at the GWCC this week.  During the Monday am session in the main auditorium, my blackberry must have fallen out of my bag.  Approximately 2 hours later, I noticed that it was gone.  I went to the Information Desk and no luck, it had not been turned into Security so I went back to the auditorium and looked around the chair where I had been sitting still no luck.  Then I ran into the very helpful Housekeeping staff that cleaned up the auditorium after the am session, I asked them if they saw a BB, immediately they said that they had found it and turned it into the Security personnel also very helpful who promptly returned it to me.

Losing my BB would have been such a hassle and I wanted to express my appreciation to the lovely staff at the GWCC (see picture attached) that assisted me today!

Much appreciated.

Thank you!!!

Vonda K. Broom

Deputy Director, Environmental Programs Service (10NA7)

VHA Office of the Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Operations and Management.