January 27

Atlanta Campus Staff Parking During IPPE 1/27-1/29

Today the GWCCA Atlanta Campus welcomes back one of its largest and most tenured customers. You may have noted the growth of IPPE already as larger numbers of customers are parking on our campus, primarily in the red deck. This is great news as parking fees drive additional revenues to our bottom line.

In anticipation of this growth, GWCC implemented a parking plan similar to a home Falcons game.  Our administrative staff worked diligently to provide parking passes to working staff in advance and in a coordinated fashion. We realize the communication internally may not have been perfect and that there were some challenges this morning as team members were arriving for work. Please accept our apologies for any confusion.

If you currently have parking access programmed to your building access card, you should have been issued a parking pass for a designated lot.  The Red Deck will be pass-only from 5:30am until 3:00pm  throughout IPPE, beginning this morning through Thursday, January 29th.  Please note, if your designated parking lot is the yellow lot, shuttles will run from 5:30am until 6:00pm.  The route will run from the Yellow Lot to the loading dock dropping and picking up by the Dome swing gates.

Please direct any questions and feedback to your immediate supervisor. We appreciate everyone’s flexibility as we keep our attendees and guests our primary focus.