February 17

A Huge Thank You from the Training 2015 Conference and Expo

The GWCCA IT Services Department is once again being applauded for providing  Best in Class service!!

Check out the note below from a happy client:


Hi Jason:


Thanks for the useful WiFi report. Of all the communications providers we have used in various locations, CCLD (you in particular) are the most knowledgeable and responsive we have ever had. For you to come down to the Expo floor and help a staffer (our social media rep) who was having WiFi challenges (and get her set up so she could use WiFi) was FABULOUS!!!! If you ever need a testimonial or reference, just let me know.


The good news is that I was able to nab the provider of the walkie talkies for Freeman and he said that we should change to DIGITAL walkies (which we may have used in the past.) Digital walkies (per the rep) should work fine between buildings A/B and may not need a repeater. They cost just a few dollars  more per unit than analog. We were using ANALOG walkies for 2015, which makes communication within even building A a challenge.


Copying Gerry on this so that she knows what great service you provide AND how to solve the walkie challenge for other clients.


Let us know if you have any update on the cell phone challenge. Still not sure what was up with that as we have not had cell phone challenges in the past. But we survived! 🙂


Thanks so much!


Leah Nelson

Senior Conference Program Manager

Training Magazine Events