March 02

Letter of Commendation from a Pleased Guest

From: Edwards, Belinda

Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2015 3:57 PM

To: Waldman, Erik; Straight, Adam

Subject: Letter of Commendation




I do not know which person to contact with this letter but I am starting with you as Director of Event Operations and Director of Facility Operations at the Georgia Dome.  My husband and I attended the Monster Energy AMA Supercross event at the Georgia Dome over this past weekend.  It was a very nice time, an exciting race and great event.  Although we were unfamiliar with Atlanta we easily found our way there and found parking close by.  It was interesting that even with the construction we were able to park close by and get inside easily.  We found the facilities very clean and that is something you don’t see everywhere you go.


We wanted to especially congratulate one of the employees we met at the Georgia Dome.  Her name was Delphine and she went above and beyond her duty to assist us in finding our way around the dome.  We were there as guests of Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties.  We walked in to the arena looking clueless and she spotted us and asked us how she could help.  She had a very welcoming face and attitude.  We could tell that she is well known and liked by her peers as many employees spoke to her as she personally guided us to the Pit Party in the adjacent building.  She was unfamiliar with the location of the Pit Party herself and took our information and read it and then took the time to guide us and ask others for assistance as she personally delivered us to the door.  When we questioned her about having to walk so far she said that it was helping her to learn how to answer the question correctly for the next person who needed to know.  We were very impressed with Delphine’s attention to us and her attention to detail.  She was very welcoming and helpful.  We are “from the country” of rural Virginia and were not expecting such a welcome in such large city like Atlanta.  In fact, the pleasurable experience in the dome made the horrific traffic experience outside bearable!


We thought you should know what a good employee you have in Delphine.  We enjoyed everything about our experience at the Georgia Dome and look forward to a return visit sometime in the future.  Please congratulate Delphine on a job well done.


Thank you,

Barry and Belinda Edwards