April 03

Winners from Town Hall

Immediately preceding the Town Hall on April 2, 2015, the follow twelve Best-in-Class Cards were drawn at random. If your name is listed and you were not present to receive your gift, please stop by GWCCA Human Resources to claim your prize.


Ashley Edwards, Levy Human Resources

Anthony Bray, Building Services

Derrick Goggins, Levy Purchasing

Frenita Tripp, Levy Banquets

Jimmy Gaston, Building Services

Keisha Foster, Building Services

Markeita Daniel, Levy Banquets

Rhudine Hicks, Levy Banquets

Rocky Jones, Levy Banquets

Rogelio Bustemante, Engineering

Tiffany Baker, Building Services

Walter Daniels, Levy Kitchen


Congratulations to all of our winners. Thank you for helping the Authority create positive, memorable, experiences for our guests using your Best in Class service.