April 21

World Class Customer Service

Huge Kudos to those who made this experience a great one!

Hello Javier,


My name is Pat, and I had the pleasure of meeting two of the most wonderful, caring, professional, and helpful individual’s while attending the Convergence conference this week. Latoya Burns, and Elisa Byrdsong work in Food Works, and were on the ball in demonstrating their excellence in customer satisfaction!!!. They truly represent Levy restaurants in the manner that you should be very proud of, and want to retain. I want to thank them for making things easy on the participants, such as myself, based on them providing world class customer service!!!


One outstanding demonstration of their caring centered around one of my team member’s becoming ill, and had a very upset stomach. They made it a point to find something that could assist in making her feel better. They brought her a Ginger Ale, and two types of Seltzer water. It worked, and I was amazed at their caring of someone that they had not met. Each time we ate in the area, they were friendly, and wanted to ensure that we had everything that someone could possibly want, or need. I hope that you will convey to them my gratitude in a job well done!!!!!


Pat Ryan-Smith | Product Advisor