April 30

#SeeGreen Sustainability Spotlight

Sustainability Spotlight



Name: Stephanie Schatzer

Position: Senior Event Coordinator @ GWCC

How long with the Authority: 9 years this summer

Education: Studied Marketing at Georgia College and State University

What do you do to be more environmentally responsible in your personal life? I recycle a lot at home – in fact my recycling bin is larger than my trash. Of course, I recycle at work, too. In the summer, I plant herbs on my porch. And I donate my clothes when I no longer need them.

You recently leased an all-electric Nissan Leaf. Why? Mostly because the tax credits made it very cost effective. The State offers a $5,000 tax credit and the there is also a $7,500 Federal tax credit that I took advantage of. But I’ve always been intrigued by electric vehicles (EVs).

What’s the most surprising aspect of driving an EV? Because it’s so quiet, I have to be extra careful as people, especially kids, don’t hear me coming. It also has surprisingly good pick-up!

How are you most able to incorporate sustainability into your work? I talk to events about our initiatives all the time. Many of them are particularly interested in our waste diversion capabilities. Produce Marketing, for example, was able to donate tons of excess food to local shelters and other organizations in need. STAFDA is able to recycle excess nails through Habitat for Humanity.

Have you always been an advocate for the environment? When I was little, I led a neighborhood environmental club and we planted trees, picked up litter…

What’s one thing your colleagues might be surprised to learn about you? I ran a full marathon last year at Disney!


#SeeGreen Swag Questions:

International Plaza is the ___ largest _____ roof in the United States.

The first Earth Day in the U.S. was celebrated on ____________.