May 12

Thank You Note!

Great representation of Best in Class by Mark Zimmerman, Gerry Eng, Jim Ridgway, Kristin Delahunt, and Heather Cheong!

“Mark, Jim, Gerry, Kristin and Heather:  It was so nice seeing and meeting with all of our friends during the Pittcon Spring Exhibitors meeting last week in Atlanta.  You all did a wonderful job making everyone feel so welcome and helping make the meeting a success.  So much in fact that the attending exhibitors indicated that they would have liked to spend more time in the GWCC.  The rooms were set exactly as we wanted, and access and signage directing attendees was excellent.  Your facility is terrific and the staff are great people and so easy to work with.  They are professional, courteous, knowledgeable and, especially, friendly.  I already complimented Shane about the F&B and the wait staff.


Thanks for all you did/do for us.  It’ll be great working with you again throughout the Pittcon 2016 year.”

Dick Obrycki