May 20

Thanks AIA!

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) came to Atlanta this year and we enjoyed them as much as they enjoyed us! Here is a thank you letter highlighting GWCCA’s Best in Class service:

Good afternoon Mark and Stephanie,


First I wanted to personally send both of you a thank you from our team here at Informa for the AIA event that took place at the GWCC last week. We have heard great things from attendees and exhibitors alike, which we always love. I also wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed working with your staff at CCLD. Blake did a fabulous job pre-show with all of our changes, logistics and questions (and believe me we typically have a lot of all of those!). Jason was quick to respond on-site and I was even more impressed with the fact that even while off-site, Blake went above and beyond to help us out to ensure we had everything we needed connectivity wise and was readily available through cell. He checked in with me daily while not on-site to make sure we were doing okay and people like that make our event run that much smoother, so we really appreciate it.


I can’t send this email without also including a big thank you to Stevie with Levy. She really helped beforehand and made sure we were thorough in all F&B events we had through show management. I had already told her I wish I could take her with me every year as my catering contact from venue to venue (and that was even before show site) and I still feel the same way post show.


Last, but not least, Stephanie worked tirelessly with us to get everything done in a timely manner and I don’t know how she does it all! High five to you Stephanie for all of your constant running/walking and communicating with us and AIA continuously.


Thank you again to all of your GWCC staff!

Tiffany Roe

Sr. Operations Manager, AIA