June 18

Sea the Unseen


Did you know trash on the beach can be harmful to both human and animals alike? Centennial Olympic Park is hosting an exhibit called Sea the Unseen which focuses on the impacts of marine debris on aquatic ecosystems. The artwork was created to bring awareness to litter in natural ecosystems. As the exhibit comes to a close, it’s important to remain aware of the effect that litter, specifically plastic, can have in nature.

Stop by the exhibit before it ends on June 22nd! You can visit their blog and learn more here:http://www.seatheunseen.com/about/the-collective/

Additionally check out the U.S. EPA to learn more about plastics/ recycling: http://www2.epa.gov/recycle/how-do-i-recycle-common-recyclables#pla

Also it’s time for another round of sustainability trivia for a chance to win #See Green swag!

Centennial Olympic Park is within walking distance of  three MARTA stations: _____, ______, and _______.

 Answer in the comment section below.