July 06

Fourth of July Thanks

Going back to 2003, I have now had the honor of being a part of 13 Fourth of July Celebrations.  Some years..… it has been 100 degrees, it has rained, we have fired the show early and we have had 60,000 person conventions happening at the same time.  And while downtown has changed, and the weather has changed, and security protocols have changed, the one constant has been our staff.  Dedicated, tireless, focused, flexible and ready for show time.  Each and every year, with events coming both before and after the 4th, our staff has risen to the occasion.  They did that again tonight:

  1. The VIP looked and felt great and some of our favorite “Park people” were in attendance.  Lisa, Adeola and Jennifer did a great job!
  2. Public Safety did yeoman’s work and kept everyone safe and moving from one end of the city to the other
    1. (1) medical transport, no arrests and (5) missing and reunited children
  3. Johnson made it through her first 4th of July and led our PS team admirably
  4. Engineering and Operations were set two days in advance, due to the AA reception that moved indoors, which helped us be better prepared for tonight
    1. Post-event clean up looks like it is off to a great start, thanks for our C-shift team
  5. PR was helpful and ever present, with three staff in the Park
  6. Our “extended staff” did a great job as well: Levy, Rebekah Jones of TRRU, Brian Panther our lead on pyro, Dupree Security, Show Pro Security, WSB-TV, our ESS staff, GWCC engineering, off duty police, and a cast of thousands!
  7. And all of it led by Greg Knight


While the evening was filled with a little more drama than I would prefer, and several weather scares, overall it was a success.  I am very proud of the work we did here tonight and what that means to our community.  The Park is able to touch people in a way few other Atlanta facilities can and I hope that means something to you.  It does to me, and it is one of the reasons I do this job every day.

Please forgive me for not copying everyone  who may have helped with the 4th of July celebrations tonight.  If you would, pass along this note and my thanks.