July 14

Sick Leave Donation

Calvin Rascoe, an employee of Dome Engineering, is currently on leave due to a serious medical condition.  Calvin Rascoe, having exhausted all accrued sick and annual leave hours is currently in a leave without pay status.  He is requesting the assistance of the GWCCA team members to donate accrued (sick, personal, annual) hours.  All donated leave hours will be credited to Calvin’s sick leave balance.

  • Leave Donation Solicitation Request – Employee’s request for donated leave
  • Donation of Accrued Leave Authorization – to be submitted by team members donating hours to Human Resources
  • Leave Donation Program Policy and Procedure – for those employees needing clarification on donation eligibility

Employees who are interested in donating hours please forward forms directly to the Human Resources department.  As a reminder, leave donation is strictly voluntary and the identities of donors are kept confidential.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Human Resources at 404-223-4400.


Thank you for your assistance!