July 23

29 Hours!  That’s all it took…

Thank you note from Carl Adkins, Georgia Dome GM.

Georgia Dome field conversion from the Primerica event to the Gold Cup in 29 Hours:


From picture number 1…a full bowl set with extensive production and rigging to —  Picture 2…production, rigging and chairs gone and a few thousand pieces of plywood later, we have a soccer pitch being installed.


I’ve said it time and time again, no one does it like our Heart of the House team!  #Amazingconversion!!


Outstanding job by everyone with 2 full days of Primerica QB’d by ‘mazing Marshall Shepard!  Now we’ve got 54.5 hours to get the house match ready for the SOLD OUT semi-finals of The Gold Cup!  This place is going to be rocking…


Thanks to Erik for getting training camp off on the good foot today and for those who did not attend, be sure to talk to those who did to “tune in” on all of the key/ critical issues we need to be focused on between now and gate opening on Wednesday.


Team, let’s show the world of soccer just why we’re considered to be one of the best teams in the business!