September 08

Sorting Through Trash

Last fiscal year we were able to divert over 750 tons of material and this year we are aiming for a 10% overall increase in waste diversion. FY16, we need your help to get more materials such as cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, office paper, and compost. This is definitely a goal that we can reach!

The GWCCA Sustainability team attended the 24th Annual Georgia Recycling Coalition (GRC) Conference where they were able to get firsthand knowledge of current trends and best practices in recycling. At the GRC conference attendees participated in a waste sorting workshop where waste was separated by recyclables, organics/compost, and landfill waste. The Authority’s “See Green” initiatives will implement similar practices used at GRC as we move towards a zero waste facility.

For more information check out the following link:

Sustainability Trivia:

Which three waste streams are on the Zero Waste bin in Southern Roots and how many milk jugs were required to make the unit?

(Hint: visit Southern Roots)