November 13

Building Service in Building Services


(Left, Rory Parks, middle, Quinton McLeroy, Right, Pat White)

Since the doors opened in 1976, the GWCC Building Services Department did not have a formal training program for new employees, they would learn through seasoned supervisors and experience.

Director of Building Services, Patrick White, saw an opportunity to improve the training process and implemented a formal internal training program for new employees. Mr. Quinton McLeroy was the first participant in the program.

The training program began on August 22, 2015  where  Quinton started learning the process of all three building setups and struggled as all new employees do.

By taking part in the new 5 hour a day, 20 Day program while under the supervision of Rory Parks, Quinton was able to meet and exceed expectations. What took previous new employees months to learn, Quinton developed the skills and knowledge to configure rooms to perfection, handle large equipment, and even lead a team by himself within 20 days.

After successfully completing the program Quinton has been recognized with a variety of departmental certificates and awards and has sparked the interest to continue the training program for all new Building Services employees.