November 16

Hosted Events Help Sustainability

This year alone the GWCCA has made enormous strides towards becoming one of the most environmentally friendly event complex’s in the nation through our innovative sustainability efforts.

Our efforts combined with the initiatives of our clients has allowed us to reach new levels of sustainability.


Back in September The National Safety Council Conference (NSC) had staff and volunteers dedicated to diverting waste from landfills for the duration of the show. Above is a photo of Ms. Lori from City Antiques who took roughly 400 pounds of donations from NSC.  In total, NSC diverted over 15 tons of waste!


In October, Produce Marketing Association (PMA) donated about 341,000 pounds of produce to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

#SeeGreenSwag Question:

What year did GWCCA start its recycling and energy conversation program?

(Hint: See Green @ GWCC)