January 21

Don’t Miss Out on Fun Friday

Stop, hey, what’s that sound?

It’s Friday about to roll around (that’s tomorrow, Jan. 22, for the calendar-challenged).

Consider this as your friendly neighborhood Catalyst reminder that Friday = Fun here at the Authority – but only on Friday.

And what’s more fun than ditching the business-as-usual duds for your Brand New GWCCA long-sleeve T?

So show some Authority pride for the only day of the week that you can show up at the office wearing the same shirt as your co-worker without being embarrassed.

In addition, feel free to wear jeans (but no Daisy Dukes, according to Alicia “Hey Y’all” McNease).

If you don’t have a new T-shirt yet, send an e-mail to: amcnease@gwcc.com.



Renowned T-shirt model and foam finger enthusiast Kent “Could You Be Wearing More Shirts?” Kimes.