February 18

Kudos to Levy from National Tour Association

Awesome job by Shane Simpson and the Levy team for exceeding expectations when the National Tour Association visited the Georgia World Congress Center!

Hi Shane,

Do you miss us yet? Hope you are doing well and that your newest clients are treating you well!


After taking some time off to recover (somewhat) from Travel Exchange, I wanted to say thanks again for everything you did to take such good care of us in Atlanta. I truly enjoyed getting to know you, Linda, Rueben, Trudy and Rhonda and wanted to pass along this comment from our member survey. We don’t always hear this, so I thought it important to share with you some very high praise. Please pass this along to your team and our compliments to the chef.


“Right after I sent the survey, I remembered that I wanted to find a way to compliment the food at the convention center. It was good and the service was great. I can’t imagine what it’s like to serve 1,000+ people! What was most important, though, was that the meals were healthy. If only I could have said no to the desserts sitting right in front of me. Seriously, it is tough to eat right on the road and I thought the meals made that easier this year.”


Take care,