April 15

Telecommunications Week

National Public-Safety Telecommunications Week was established by the United States Congress in 1991 as a way to recognize the vital link emergency telecommunicators serve between the public and emergency responders.

This week GWCCA would like to take the time to acknowledge our dispatchers for their service to our organization. To those who are rarely seen but mostly heard, we say thank you.

C. WilliamsCommunications Supervisor

Charlotte Williams

Started 06/16/1999

Favorite food: Baked chicken

Favorite celebrity: Loretta Device


J. BarnesCommunications Supervisor

Jackie Barnes

Started 04/29/2013

Favorite food: cake

Favorite celebrity: Edris Elba


N. Ashley

Communications Operator

Narissa Morrison

Started 07/14/2014

Favorite Food: Fried rice

Favorite celebrity: Dwayne Johnson

A. Knox

Communications  Operator

Ashley Knox

Started 05/20/2010

Favorite food: anything covered in sauce

Favorite celebrity: Anthony Hamilton

A. Knox
Communications Operator

Colleen Garlington

Started 02/2013

Favorite food: sautéed veggies

Favorite celebrity: Maya Angelou

C. GarlingtonCommunications Operator

Natalie Afflick

Started 08/01/2011

Favorite food: rice & peas, curry chicken, brown stew chicken, stew peas

Favorite celebrity:  Denzel Washington

N. Byrd

Communications Operator

Nekelia Byrd

Started 02/21/2011

Favorite food: chicken/ crab legs

Favorite celebrity: Whitney Houston

s. Taffe

Communications Operator

Slater Taffe

Started 08/2012

Favorite food: Japanese

Favorite celebrity: Richard Branson

S. Mullgrave

Communications Operator

Scherezaad Mullgrav

Started 05/16/2006

Favorite food: seafood

Favorite celebrity: God

P. Thompson

Communications Operator

Portia Thompson

Started 01/04/2016

Favorite food: butter chicken

Favorite celebrity: TLC